Adam R. Prato (sir5yko) wrote in lj_dev,
Adam R. Prato

Inconsistent features?

(I asked in technicalsuport first, but got no bites)

Hi there,

I apologize if this question has been approached before, but I could not locate any information about it.

My question is this. I see many additions to various parts of the LJ experience. One thing I've wanted for over a year is the ability to 'login' or 'preview' when I'm updating my journal via the web interface.

There are two options that are on the update page for commenting on an entry:

* There is a 'login' checkbox if you provide a username/password when you are not yet logged into LJ via the web interface
* There is a 'preview' button.

Neither of these options exist on the page loaded when from the url.

Now, I havent given 100% of a thought to the situation. But I cant think of any major differences between updating a journal and replying to a comment (well, nothing that would prevent these options from making their way to the update page).

Please advise :)


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