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Hi, and S2

Obligatory introduction thing: hullo, I'm Eevee. And I'm 17 today. I'm so old.

Re S2 (apologies if I'm repeating anything that's been brought up before): would it be possible to not strip <?xml?> tags out of S2 output? This seems to be putting IE into 'quirks' mode and making it impossible to fix its <table style="width: 100%;"> bug, and most likely some others I haven't run into yet.
And, while I'm at it, the docs look like they could use a little updating; there's no mention of Page.linklist, for example, which I know I've used before.
Aaand is there any way at all to let other users use a layer I created without buying them all paid accounts and having them copy the source into new layers? Or even plans for a way to do this? Something?

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