Manish Jethani (mannu) wrote in lj_dev,
Manish Jethani

Typable Move: An MT-like S2 layout


I've created a S2 layout that looks like Movable Type's Main Index default template. Do I have a chance of getting this into the default layouts? I'll be glad if people can use my work.


Legal: Mind you, it's a creation, not a "port". The distinction here is important due to the fact that any public S2 layouts need to be licensed under the GNU GPL. It's not like I've taken any code from MT and modified it to suit my LJ needs. Even if that were the case, I'd be within my rights to use the layout on my own journal (with a "Powered by Movable Type" logo and little things like that). I have, however, written the layout code from scratch. It only refers to the CSS classes of the various default MT styles. It's a clone, not a port, of MT's Main Index default template.

So how do I make my 355 lines of S2 code available for the general public?

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