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hello, and questions

just joined the community, so i'm giving the complimentary heads up.

i know this probably goes in some support place, but has it's place in development too...

i'm sort of a new user to livejournal (paid account - i ain't no mooch). when using the Advanced Directory Search i noticed that it's exceedingly difficult to find journals in a relative area such as a county, metro, etc location which consists of two or more cities. if i had the inclination i could probably get some kind of list of every city in Florida and search each one with about 10 different interests each city, but that might take some time. searching nearby cities also becomes difficult for a person who only recently moved to a new place and doesn't know the area.

my questions:
  • 1. is there some kind of advanced search feature that allows you to search a metro area or at least multiple cities at once in the works somewhere?
  • 2. can i help in the development of such a feature whether or not it is in the works?
  • 2a. if not, what would be a recommendation for some kind of LJ app that collects a 3rd party list of cities into metro areas or counties and searches LJ for the user? is this sort of app even condoned? i ask because i don't want to abuse the site; multiple searches like this would probably bog down the DB/server and that's the last thing i want to do.

again, the goal is to find people nearby, with the option of filtering that by interests. thanks for your time.

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