Steven Ericsson-Zenith (stevenzenith) wrote in lj_dev,
Steven Ericsson-Zenith

LJ RSS Feeds

I have been coding up a new web based RSS aggregator at and have put together a collection of feeds based on LJ users to demonstrate how to build useful collections of categorized feeds.

First Say has functionality like friends lists but the design factors are different - and it works for any RSS feed.

I have some feedback about the RSS feeds - I don't know who is responsible for that piece of code.

The obvious missing piece is that community feeds do not include the authors name for the entry - and this seems to me to be an oversight.

I am happy to discuss broader issues about the feeds - who has this charge?

The First Say project is at alpha stage and not publicly announced - so despite the public nature of this forum please keep this developer only.

This is a PHP / Postgres project and will be open source - though we have not picked a license yet - comments, feedback, welcome.


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