David Recordon (daveman692) wrote in lj_dev,
David Recordon

S1 and S2 Style Changes

Been working on a usability update for both S1 and S2 styles. S1 styles now have anchor links, like the S2 styles, when viewing certain posts in a thread. This means that the original parent post is now displayed at the top of the page but due to anchors links start you at the top of the comments. This change was uneeded in S2 styles as they were already configured with these anchors. A new anchor has now been added, to both styles, #comments. This anchor is located right above the start of the page links and thus when you click to change pages you are taken below the original post. This change has been enforced on all S1 styles and is now in the core for S2 styles. Another change, enforced in S1, is that on all comment view pages the parent is now displayed at the top. Overtime S2 styles should be updated to replicate this behavior. This patch can be viewed here http://changelog.livejournal.com/1113249.html
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