Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote in lj_dev,
Chris Schmidt

Feedster searching

Most of feedster's stored RSS data is stored using the /users/user/rss URL, while LiveJournal is currently searching /users/user/data/rss. The result is that feedster searching basically doesn't pull up anything useful, instead ignoring the URL and pulling up random information on any feed.

Should this be changed, or should LiveJournal just live with broken searching until feedsters databases become more useful?

Example Results:


Edit: After I made this post, Scott from Feedster IMed me and we hashed this out. He let me know that newer results were using the canonical URL, but older results still had the non /data/ URL. He's currently running something to update them. According to him, the changes should be all fixed up within the next day or so. (Thanks, Scott!)

Result: No need to update the code.

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