Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

David / moodlist

I don't think I've introduced daveman692. David goes to a local high school and is he's doing his internship class at LiveJournal, since he and his friends use LiveJournal.

David's more of a PHP hacker, but he's picking up the Perl really well.

Anyway, his first project is now live, a rewrite of the ancient moodlist browser. New version:

He also worked on FORM to GET/POST cleanup, and now he's doing lots of little site usability things. Today he checked in support for directing people to either create an account or find their lost password on login.bml failure. (depending on invalid username or invalid password)

He's also making it easy to post to communities from their userinfo.bml page (via a new toolbar link), including communities which allow non-member posting (which requires changes to update.bml to hide the drop-down usejournal list when you're posting to a journal you don't have in your list).

So yeah, now you'll know who this strange David guy posting to changelog is. :-)

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