Gay But Not Narrow (ruakh) wrote in lj_dev,
Gay But Not Narrow

Developer's guide to translation?

Is there any sort of developer's guide to translation on LJ? A lot of things I've figured out by example, and sometimes someone gives explicit advice, but a lot of things don't seem to be well-documented.

If there isn't any sort of guide, I'd be willing to write a first draft, if people think there's a need.

Things to be explained in it might include:
  • The basic form of a translation file.
  • One-line and multiline translation strings.
  • Translation strings with [[variable]]s in them.
  • |notes.
  • When to use en_LJ; also, how to include multiple languages in a single translation file.
  • How to set global translation strings, by which I mean non-page-specific strings (e.g., 'Sorry'). (How do you do this?)
  • Are e-mails from LJ supposed to be translatable? If so, some information on that.
  • Some general tips on intelligent translatability. (Two may be found here.)

Also, while I'm posting - is b0rked because revision 1.91 has the string "<title>" in its description. In Opera, the b0rking is very minor (you simply don't see the "<title>"), but in IE, the b0rking is very severe (you don't see anything from that point onward on the page). Mozilla is in-between - you don't see the rest of that revision description, but you see all earlier revisions. Is this fixable at all?

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