Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I don't post here as much as I should. Let me give you all a summary of what we've been doing, what we're currently doing, and upcoming plans.

Been doing:
-- phone post
-- speed enhancements:
-- Zilla triage/reviewing/commiting

Working on now:
-- everybody: Zilla triage/reviewing/commiting
-- avva: load balancing tweaks, rewrite to not use alarm (only select, and thus no stdio)
-- mahlon/kevin: dhtml/rich text/midas update component
-- whitaker: tools for accounts/abuse.
-- me: working with lisa/nick/everybody. atomic code deploy (mentioned in lj_backend post) so half our servers go down, upgrade to lastest code, we switch the active half, rest upgrade, restart, then all go live. this will make it easier to put complicated code live all at once without anybody seeing errors. (errors either from proxy connect errors or code version mismatches... new BML, old library, etc)
-- michael: pop3 server. (mostly done... needs a litle work)

-- me: working with timwi and his permissions.bml patches. (makes dversion 6: less crap in user table, more userprops, more abstraction of permissions). i'm waiting to finish my "atomic code deploy" first, because this patch is huge and evasive.... putting it live would be hell without. also later: more anti-attacker tools, web services API, so people have a nice API to suck down our site data easily
-- jesse: authenticated anonymous comments with names/emails/URLs attached (some of timwi's changes will make this easier). basically, people will be able to supply their name/email/URL for comments now, and we'll show it immediately (with big red "?!" bubble explain how it's unauthenticated if people click it), but we'll mark it as authenticated if user gets the ack email and acks the comment. also, you'll be able to allow all registered users to post messages without screening, including non-LJ users.... in that case they can post, but their comment is screened until they ack it, then it shows up, just as if they were a registered user.
-- avva: Atom syndication/API support (by Nov 24th, hopefully, when Atom launches). then later pingback/trackback support?
-- whitaker: memcache+cluster polls/memories

Big things we all need to think about and change:
-- new "log3" table, supporting categories and more permissions, and less indexes.
-- separating "friends" into "reads", "friends", "trusts", "member". it's impossible to do nice memcaching the way it is now. plus, deciding this would make clustering the inter-user edges easier.

That's all code stuff. On the sysadmin side, Lisa and Nick are just going to be really busy continuing to rack all the hardware we keep buying. I'm kinda involved with all that, but not so much.

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