Jessica (jojobear99) wrote in lj_dev,

Phone Post Abuse Potential?

Reading the translation history of a phone-post on my friends page brought up an interesting issue. Users can write whatever they want in the transcription box. Yet the journal owner has no way to delete or hide (ala screening) those transcriptions if the person writing the transcription is writing something irrelevant, and potentially insulting.

Plus there doesn't seem to be a way to "lock in" the correct transcription so that other people can't overwrite what shows up on my friends page/recent posts page as the text for the post (the post I linked to is a perfect example. the first transcription is just completely off the wall, the second one is accurate, and then somebody decided to change the translation to something again completely irrelevant to what was actually said). If I get it transcribed accurately, or one of my friends does it for me, I wouldn't want other people to continue changing it for me.

Have these issues been looked into from a development standpoint? Any plans to implement some controls to prevent people from potentially saying abusive things and the journal owner having no way of deleting the said comment.

One implementation I could picture is adding delete and maybe screen icons next to the user name of the person who did the transcription. And then if the journal owner deletes the transcription it would say (transcription deleted) or something. And perhaps a checkbox to "finalize" this transcription as the correct one.

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