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Hello, and questions

Hi, I am an aspiring programmer (a.k.a. noob) with some experience with the C based languages mostly (and VB, but that hardly counts)

Anyway, I'm here because a while back I made a suggestion and like a lot of suggestions it received unanimous approval, and like the vast majority of those that do, that was all it got. so recently when I was really bugged about it, I went ahead and downloaded editgroups.bml from the web cvs and implemented my suggestion (I know enough javascript to do it without knowing any BML)

One thing missing is that I added an asterisk to users in the "In groups" list who are in all selected groups when more then one group is selected, and I don't know how to add explanatory text, or change the text above the list boxes to be plural.

I also don't know the process at all of how to submit my changes for approval, what is the first step?

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