Geoff Staples (blogleft) wrote in lj_dev,
Geoff Staples

Let me introduce myself... and a few questions

No, I'm not that man of wealth and taste in the song (Anybody know what I'm talking about?)

I'm researching community blogging systems because I want to set one up. Live Journal seems to be an interesting system. But, I have a couple of questions and comments.

First, how much of what is in the system is in the Open Source install? (Features, themes(templates), etc.

I've noticed that the community seems to be really introverted. What I mean is there are no recent posts listed on the home page nor a list of recently updated blogs. (I know that there's a link for recent posts, but...) Is this because of administrator options chosen by

I'm looking for a community of developers that is friendly, helpful, willing to accept new developers, and the ability to get stuff I might create integrated into the system. Is this the place?

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