dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_dev,

Zeh documentation system...

Hey all, I think I'll take a little more initiative...

So, we need a good technical documentation system...

DocBook is gigantic and funny looking, using it might simply end up confusing people. Unless I can dig enough into it to find a suitable subset, and re-document that. Which might be twice as much work as it's worth.

I'll write a DTD for XML-based lj docs, and I believe with a few examples, and with the common knowledge of HTML, this should be simple enough at first.

I'll write out some abstract scripts, one to validate and produce (as much as possible) coherent and helpful errors for the docs as they're submitted... and another to convert the docs to HTML. I'll write one or two other converters, but then I'll sit here and whine until someone else does the necessary code to convert to the other file formats other people want.

So, king of all suggestions, what is your wishlist for sections/tags in an lj documentation system?

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