Jessica Hekman (jphekman) wrote in lj_dev,
Jessica Hekman

User-specified metadata

I'd really like to see LJ events allow users to attach some general metadata -- more than just the specific pieces of metadata that are now available; anything the user wants. It's my hope that various blogging tools would be able to take advantage of such a feature in interesting ways. I'm willing to generate the patch; would the community want such a thing and be willing to check it in?

My thought was that the best thing to do would be to add a new parameter to the journal item metadata list called "userMd", or something like that; this item would contain some XML which would specify the names and values of one or more metadata items. (The values would be able to be well-formed XML, allowing for more flexibility.) I think this would require a new db table.

I'm writing a tool which, right now, would have to hide additional metadata in comments in events, which is really pretty horrible. This would make things work much more elegantly.

Is there any interest?

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