Brad Whitaker (whitaker) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Whitaker

Documentation Mess

There have been a surge of new docs lately, many of which related to s2. jproulx generally handles documentation issues so I'll let him deal with most of this. I just wanted to get a conversation started here.

Currently our docs are spread among various places:

  • Mart's article posted to s2styles
  • New s2 tutorial xevinx is working on which is currently at his site.
  • etc...

Furthermore, none of these docs are in cvs, so we don't have good backups or distribution of them. So the question is, where should docs be? How about cvs-wise: livejournal? ljcom?

We basically just need to get all of our docs rounded up in a central place so that they're easy to find/maintain. With the situation now laid out I'll leave it up to you guys to discuss a bit. mart: I'm sure you have something to say here. : )


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