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And now, the moment you (almost) all have been waiting for.

Update: Instead of installing local HTTP server, you can write the following thing in New Toolbar dialog:


(don't forget to correct the path to ticker.html !)

Update: SORRY, MS IE 6.0 IS REQUIRED!. We will see what we can do to support other versions.

In the beginning was the word, and the word was "RSS". We (sorhed and akuklev) were very impressed with LiveJournal syndication possibilities, and wanted to use it in some kind of intuitive interface. So, we have written new kind of RSS syndicator which uses a ticker metaphor, and then we have optimized it for use with LiveJournal. Here is the screenshot:


It written entirely in Javascript, sits nicely in the Windows toolbar, and scrolls RSS events one by one. It can scan multiple RSS feeds in multiple threads (YES, it's a multithreaded Javascript application. Don't ask us how we did that - just look at the sources). BTW, you can get the sources and run the thing by yourself here.

Installation Instructions

First of all, you will need a local HTTP server (Apache or IIS or anything else - it doesn't matter). It's because of Internet Explorer security restrictions we were unable to resolve (IE blocks connections from any ActiveX components to another sites if the origin page located beyond local intranet zone, and since MSXML is ActiveX object too, it will be unable to fetch RSS feeds if the origin page will be hosted somewhere in Internet). Then the sequence is (don't blame us on it's complexity, it's just a prototype!):

  1. Install your local HTTP server

  2. Place Syndicator's files somewhere
  3. Press right mouse button on Windows Taskbar, choose Toobars - New Toolbar...

  4. Type the URL which points to ticker.html in Syndicator files directory (for example, http://localhost/ticker/ticker.html) javascript:open('file://c:/ticker/ticker.html','_self') in the Folder: field. Don't forget to correct the path, if needed!

  5. Press OK button and position Syndicator nicely to fit your interface preferences

How To Use The Thing?

Press right mouse button on the Syndicator's workspace. Choose "RSS feeds properties". Fill the form with RSS feeds description. For example:

  • Title: LJ Development (title of the items of this feed that will be displayed in the Syndicator's workspace)

  • Weight: 3 (relative index of feed display priority - it defines the order of items sorting)

  • Url: The URL of RSS feed you want to add to the Sydicator

  • Rescan period: 300 The period for rescanning RSS feeds, in seconds. All rescans will be performed in background.

Press "Add Feed" button and enjoy. To open RSS item in a new browser window, just double-click it. Single click with left mouse button will display context menu, where you can delete RSS item from a workspace, open it in a new browser or delay it by 30 minutes. You can also click the X icon and the clock icon after each item to delete or delay it respectively. And of course you can use right mouse button to add or remove new feeds or edit their properties (and also to pause and unpause ticker's scrolling). Sky is the limit!

What Todo?

We're now working on major interface improvements and persistence support. Stay tuned! Your feedback will be very appreciated.

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