Pietro (fool_in_spirit) wrote in lj_dev,

bug on friendsfriends filtered page

First let me thank who ever had done the filter system on the friendfriend page.
I think I found a bug, and since it is quite hard to spot them let me tell it to you immediatly.
I have a filter called "followed friends". It normally is public, but now I made it private to make some experiment.
So I called the friends friends page, and the same page onl the friends on this filter:

And I checked if it was doing what it should. Well, of course many entries on the ff were not present on the filtered ff.
I found an entry that was in the filtered friend friend and not in the friend friend.
The entry: http://www.livejournal.com/users/shadesong/1144100.html
never made it to the friend friend page, even though it naturally appeared in the filtered friends friends.
I checked this person and we have gbdances as common friend. Plus a couple of comunities. Gbdances is in my followed friends filter.

Well, I have nothing else to add. I think the feature is very cool. I was the one suggesting it and I would have appreciated to know that it was being worked on. Just to say thank to whoever is doing the hard work.

Thanks for your job,

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