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Moods and Changes and Stuff


So, it would seem, that about six weeks ago, some code was put in that changes the moods when you run update-db.pl. Fine. That's good stuff, it makes it easy for daughter sites to get some basic moods put in and stuff. However, it only works on NEW daughter sites. Established ones that have taken their time to think out a mood structure, put it in, and then rework all of the public themes to fit them, do NOT need this.

And it was not announced anywhere that I can see. There was nothing that told us "if you run update-db.pl in order to get the new changes to the S2 tables, you will have all of your moods overwritten." As such, when we updated the site tonight, all of our moods were overwritten. This has caused several problems:

1) We have no backup of moods because we did not expect to have them forcibly overwritten without any sort of prompting.
2) Our users have custom themes, and we've already received a support request about how her theme is messed up.
3) We have no backup of moods, for crying out loud. Edit: We don't backup in the moods.dat format, and our weekly backup is tainted by the bad mood data, so we can't use the regular database backup to restore it.
4) We don't read every single part of changelog, especially something that looks so innocuous.
5) We now have to take time that was going to be spent making Plogs.net better and spend it disassembling the moodthemedata table and figuring out by the name of the files what the moods were. Hopefully. And we have to do this now, because this directly impacts our users.

Please, for the love of god (or whoever, I don't really care), can this sort of thing that's going to have the potential to seriously and negatively impact daughter sites please, please, PLEASE be MENTIONED to us before we go and clobber something we've spent a lot of time working on setting up the way we want it?

Seriously. Create a community that only you can post in, lj_daughters or something, or setup a mailing list, or at the very least, drop a line in lj_dev and say "Hey, we updated update-db.pl today so that moods can be populated. You'll want to make sure you remove moods.dat so that it doesn't actually populate anything." It's so simple and takes five seconds and you would have saved the hours of work we're going to have to go through to fix this!

crschmidt wrote the other day about communication between LJ developers and users. This is seriously becoming an issue. This is a community, for fuck's sake. Or, supposedly. Wasn't LiveJournal given a Webby for being a Community Site or something?

Please and thank you... :|

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