Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_dev,
Evan Martin


Whit finished work on the banning project, and is back to userpic addons. He claims he’ll begin testing the finished(?) code on his machine starting midday tomorrow.

Fitz (updated): “I wrote a cluster moving daemon that manages a dynamically changing (at run-time) number of mover children, minds replication lag for the dedicated cluster[n]movemaster role, and keeps all children doing useful stuff so they don’t step on each other’s toes. It splits people off into the destination sub-cluster (clusterid * 10 + userid % 10) or the inactive cluster (7).
Once that was done, I’m now back to work on the new friends view algorithm, which is insanely faster, but slower in some weird cases which I’m fixing now.”

I put Whit to shame and did: community memories editable by community maintainer, English removal from changepassword.bml (the bug turned one year old today!), sort memories alphabetically. But then I didn’t really put Whit to shame because I was reviewing/rewriting patches and he’s doing original code. (Thanks to timwi, xb95, rtdean, zach, and everyone else who commented.)
Tomorrow I begin a new project and so I can’t work on Zilla patches, but thanks to everyone who sent them my way.

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