Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_dev,
Evan Martin


Fitz is still in Seattle, working with Lisa on the new cluster and moving users. (more)

Whit spent pretty much all day on more banning work, I think. The new feature is pretty powerful but rather complicated, especially to test. He also showed me stuff like how to commit translation strings and how to add the switch-user dropdown, both of which I needed below.

I changed the userpic store format, moved duplicate protection into memcache, added a “syndication cost” field to the userinfo of syndicated accounts, and tweaked HTML emails in anticipation of the code going live soon (tomorrow?).

If anyone has Zilla stuff they want me to look at, email me. You can check my current bugs to see what I’m looking at in Zilla; I spent the end of the day working on the one currently on top.

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