Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_dev,
Evan Martin

status summary

Today (in a rush):

-- Brad talked on the phone a bunch, and talked with Whitaker and Evan about projects, dishing out dozens of projects to Whitaker. He got another Mini-ITX machine to begin evaluation of feasibility for making a memcache farm of low-power cheapo machines. Also worked with Lisa on a plan to manage disk space. Big cluster moves coming up.

-- Whitaker worked on dozens of projects: /customize/ supporting languages, lj_test post, Kevin’s style, helping out Kevin, directory screening out suspended users.

-- Evan finished the talklib patch, which required some LJ-S2 work for translation strings. Also worked on memcache object size optimization for userpic metadata.

-- Lisa converted the syndication cluster to Debian so we could run memcache on it as well because it had spare memory.

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