Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote in lj_dev,
Chris Schmidt

Communtiy Interest Searching

Currently, free users have no way to search for communities by interest. This means that one of the primary differences between LJ and most other sites, the group/community aspect, is entirely more difficult to use for the free users of LiveJournal.

There have already been a number of users lamenting about the loss of this particular feature, especially since searching for communities using the communitysearch tool is less known about and, as such, most users don't know that it's even there. instituted this change, it appears. Is this a choice LJ has made - to not allow interest searching on communities by free users of the site? Can anyone speak to this issue, why this was chosen, and whether there are any plans to replace this functionality for free users?

(This issue was also mentioned in , as was brought to my attention.)

Currently, the answer being given to users is "We know this happened, we don't know why, and we don't know if it's coming back." It would be nice to at least give users a definite answer one way or another.

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