Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_dev,
Evan Martin

status: same as friday, sorta, but further forward

  • whitaker says he’s still working on: userpic stuff, the supercool new S2 style that xevinx made. He also gets piles of little tasks thrown at him continually through the day. He wanted me to add that we’ve been trying to focus on fixing bugs lately and aren’t going to focus as much on new features, so don’t feel bad if your new feature gets ignored on Zilla for a bit.
  • I finished the first revision of my patch and let Brad review it. Aside from what I’ve mentioned before, it addresses bug 931 and fixes a few consistency things. (And Brad says it makes the code readable: that is some ancient code...)
  • bradfitz is working on staying awake. The site was slow this morning, so he spent a lot of time looking at bottlenecks and cleanups. (And later, the new friends algorithm.)

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