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S2: relative vs absoute URLs

I have my subdomain's A record pointing to my LJ account. I changed my LJ style to S2 and have a slightly customised generator layout. Viewing my recent and individual entries lets me keep the URL which I visisted (my.domain.tld), but when I go to add a new comment, the URL becomes absolute, as opposed to relative to the entry. Also, link to 'permalink' is relative on the main (recent view) page, but is absolute in the entry view.

By absolute i mean that it's going to

I found a description of members of the Comment Class and from what I can see, the ones that I'd like to edit are string reply_url, permalink_url ? Am I right or am I looking in the wrong place? Is there a way to make my links relative by default? Is it something I can modify in my S2 layout or is it more global?

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