Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_dev,
Evan Martin

status report

Brad wants me to write daily dev status reports for people here at the LiveJournal compound, so here we go! (Please remind me if I forget tomorrow.)

  • bradfitz mowed the lawn, and then later fell off his bike. In the meantime he’s been communicating LJ’s needs with the group working on the new syndication format and working out the details of a scheme to move log2 (that’s the table that contains the text of all the entries) into memcache.
  • evan has been rewriting (and hopefully improving) talkpost_do.bml as a project to get acquainted with the idiosyncrasies of the code, and because it’s one of the last non-S2 bits.
  • whitaker has been fighting with the shopping cart system to let people buy additional userpics. We all feel sorry for him because it is complicated. :(

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