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S2 - userpic on month view

I'm working on a new S2 layout - it's much nicer now that I have a core to work with. (Writing my own EntryPage from scratch was no small task, let me tell you.)

A question - in looking at my month view,, I noticed that all the entries have the same userpic. This used to be the case on the RecentPage as well. I was wondering if this was done on purpose, or if it was just an oversight, like it was on the EntryPage, because no one has done anything with it before.

What's the proper place to bring up issues like this? Zilla is nice, but since a lot of little things about S2 are really just design issues rather than actual bugs, I don't know if I should be cluttering it up, or just discussing it here, or what.

This is why I'm bringing it up here.

I think that the solution that was created for RecentPage was this:

Can something similar to this work for MonthPage? does this cause unforseen problems I'm not thinking of? (Very likely.) Am I just trying to add new things and be niftier than everyone else? most definitely.

Thanks in advance.

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