dormando (dormando) wrote in lj_dev,

For all of you guys who thought you couldn't do anything...


If joined this community, and think there's nothing you can possibly do, you're probably very wrong :)

Here's an example: We're probably going to have a formal proposal process system set up soon. I know brad has a metric buttload of things to unload into the "DENIED" and "WORKING ON IT@#%@" category, but there might be stuff he forgot about, or would need more detail on.

So, in short, would any of you at least partially technically inclined people mind wading through the past posts/comments of lj_biz and lj_dev and compile a list of feature suggestions which were turned down, and why? (as well as links to the original posts/comments defining the suggestion and why it won't work). Also collect things which weren't turned down, in the same manner as with things that were turned down?

This looks like a gruntwork job, but just about everything is a gruntwork job, including writing annoying code features and debugging existing ones :)

Also, if it looks like the formal system is going to be delayed, I'd like to compile the results into a normal webpage.

Bye now.

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