Colin Ogilvie (csogilvie) wrote in lj_dev,
Colin Ogilvie

CVS Commit Poster

Would it be possible to change the CVS Commit Poster (log_accum) slightly?

The code is roughly around about line 180ish - what it does is changes the output slightly so that links to newly committed files work instead of taking you to a diff which causes a 404 error. The new link takes you to the information page of the new file rather than directly to the CVS markup page.

An example of the new output is:

To generate a diff of this commit: cvs rdiff -r0 -r1.1 31Y4/untitled http://localhost/cvs/viewcvs.cgi/31Y4/untitled

The following code is what I used when testing( at around line 180ish)
push @lines, "$$_[4]/$f.diff?r1=$$_[0]&r2=$$_[1]" unless $$_[0] == 0;
push @lines, "$$_[4]/$f" if $$_[0] == 0;

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