Stinky Pete (stinkypete) wrote in lj_dev,
Stinky Pete

I'm new to the community, and so-as to become flame bait, I'll just jump in with both feet. There are a couple of smallish issues that I've discovered, and I wanted to either get the official way of handling them, or suggest a little fix.

For early adopter account code generation, right now it seems that /htdocs/invite/gen.bml uses a userid limit to evaluate qualification for the 15 account codes (around line 136)
if ($u->{'userid'} < 15374) {
rather than capability class
if ($u->{'caps'} & 0x04) {

also, for /bin/,
line 103 uses
LJ::delete_item2($dbh, $dbcm, $uid, $id, 0, $anum);
but a look at /cgi-bin/ (line 5016-ish shows
my ($dbcm, $jid, $jitemid, $quick, $anum)
as the options that the sub routine takes.

If I need to take my fixes and go elsewhere, or am lacking insight, please don't hesitate to redirect me.

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