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Where do we report bugs in xcolibur?

Where do we report bugs in xcolibur? Here? Zilla? Support?

In case the answer is "here," I've included a bug report in this entry, but in case it's "not here," I'm LJ-cutting it.

Platform, OS, Browser: IE 6.0 on WinXPPro
Summary: Text-boxes grow upon editing their contents.
Description: I'm using xcolibur, and I'm experiencing the following problem when I use the web interface to edit a journal entry, or when I preview a comment. When I use usescheme=dystopia, the problem does not occur.

When I type anything in the big text-box (à la <textarea>), the right edge of the text-box jumps off to the right of the right edge of the browser window. (The left edge of the text-box stays put, though; the text-box jumps to a larger size, horizontally.) This happens no matter how big the browser window is; however, resizing the browser window fixes the problem for an instant - until I type something new.

As far as I can tell, this happens at every page where I type in a text-box that already has text in it, except for customize/advanced/layeredit.bml. This doesn't happen at pages where I type in a previously empty text-box, such as update.bml or talkpost.bml.

I took some screenshots of the above URL that demonstrate the problem:
[Update: (16 August 2003) I've now taken down the screenshots.]

I assume something in the CSS is causing the problem. Well, obviously, IE is causing the problem; but I assume it's something in the CSS that can be changed to solve it.

My apologies if this is already a known issue.

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