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n00b with introduction, compliments, and ideas

Hey all, new to the dev community on lj, although I've been posting on lj for about a year now. I hope to become at least a bit active here, as much as time permits.

I have really got into S2 in the last week or so and love it. Back in the Appendix B. FAQ of the S2 manual I found a remark in regards to question B.2. which I believe explains the experience I had with learning the S2 language.

"The language is very similar to other languages which geeks are already familiar with. The learning curve isn't too steep."
*chuckles* guess that implies I'm a geek. You all did a very good job in putting S2 together. A toast to the LiveJournal Devs, cheers!

In the S2 manual the description which I liked the best reads like this, "S2 was conceived to remove all limitations and make LiveJournal truly customizable in almost any conceivable way." Well I thought of two of the "almost unconceivable" ways to customize livejournal, but I may just be bringing up dusty old topics. And this may not even be the right venue for this...

I would like to see a Filter Class added to the S2 core (or wherever it should go) and to the Page Class a member added that is an array of filter objects that represent the filters used on a journal. I personaly use my filters a lot, and its convenient to have links right there on my nav bar. So I've resorted to making filters[] and text_filters[] properties that define the filters I want links of and the associated text to display. Here is the function that makes the list of links.

function view_filters(Page p){ """<ul class="filters">"""; foreach var int i (0..(size $*filters - 1)) { println "<li><a href=\""+ $p.view_url{"friends"}+ "/"+ $*filters[$i]+ "\">"+ $*text_filters[$i]+ "</a></li>"; } "</ul>"; }
And yes, I'm tempting fate by assuming the user is bright enough to make $*filters[] and $*text_filters[] the same size and I still have to impliment a boolean switch for this feature.Oh and quickly while I'm thinking about it, why isn't there support for regular arrays in the customize wizard? Here, I can layout my thoughts for a Filter class. I think its pretty intuitive what it would include, but I'll add it anyways.

Filter Class

Filter Class - A filter for friends view


»string filter

(Read-only)The name of the filter.

»Friend{} friends

An array of friends that are in this filter.

»bool private

True if the filter hasn't been set to public.


»as_string() : string

Return the HTML tag for a link to this filter.

»as_string(string linktext) : string

Return the HTML tag for a link to this filter with given linktext.

»print() : string

Print an HTML tag for a link to this filter.

»print(string linktext) : string

Print an HTML tag for a link to this filter with given linktext.

Just my thoughts

And I think it would be good to make the "currents" more flexable in what info they can contain/represent. I'm less organized with my thoughts and a bit more apprehensive on how this should or could be implemented because I think this may require delving quite deep into livejournal code and I've only barely got familiar with CVS, plus it would necessitate all clients being redesigned, and for the client/server protocol it would require a new argument for the login mode, the deprecation of the existing getmoods, and maybe even a new mode similar to the function of getmoods in that the mode would return theme ids for a defined current. But the basic concept is making it so a journal could define unique currents to be associated with posts. For example, say someone makes a community for the development of some software, and to indicate the version they are discusing with the post they would create a "version" current so it was clear what was being discussed and people wouldn't have to include that info in the body of the post. For me this came up because I wanted to have a current "place" because I post from tons of various locations, and I like the idea of setting the scene for post: the time, the place, the mood, the music, and so on... So thats my other thought.

This is getting too long so I'll end it there. Critics, comments, and questions will be happily responded too.


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