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Problem with collapsed comments

Just posted this to zilla (bug #1017):
Once a page hits fifty comments, threads collapse, and collapsed comment display defaults to

($c.subject) - $c.poster

However, when $c.poster is the owner of the entry, it doesn't seem to get displayed. The userinfo icon displays, but the URL attached to it goes to "userinfo.bml?user=".

An example of this is at
The problem is, I don't know why my comments page is collapsing in the first place. I can't find any place in my code that tells it to do so, nor any way to define at what point an entry is "full". I would really like to be able to tell it not to do that, or at least to manually edit the display code so as to fix the above problem for my journal and change the display of page numbers. Any help would be appreciated.

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