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This is the initial release of It is an object oriented
Perl implementation of the LiveJournal protocol. This release is protocol
complete, which means it should completely support all modes. There are
several methods that will be added in the near future for convenience.
This announcement is being made with the module. (=

There are still some design decisions I haven't finalized. See the TODO
file for more details. If you decide to use this module as your API,
please understand that some things are subject to change but I will
endeavor to make them as painless as possible. I myself will be developing
a perl/Tk GUI using this module so I have good reason to keep it relatively

At the moment, the biggest question is the name. There is already a
LJ::Client. For the time being, I am calling this simply LiveJournal.
Maybe LJ::Protocol?

Feel free to email me with suggestions, requests, bugs, tautologies, or
questions after you've read the documentation (; . Also, I would
appreciate knowing if you do use this module.

You can get a copy of the client here.

Patches welcome and happy LiveJournalling!

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