Evan Martin (evan) wrote in lj_dev,
Evan Martin

review of blogging apis

A review of Blogging APIs, where LiveJournal gets a nod (rare in talks about weblogs), and even an acknowledgement, and then summarily ignored. (But there is a nice comment from andrewducker in the comments.)

It’s also interesting that, regarding the authorship of the protocols, they write, “LiveJournal doesn’t seem to identify with any particular authors per se.” As an open-source developer myself I can recognize how Brad is careful to keep the project as an entity separate from himself, but making this a bit more clear for the uninitiated might be nice.

I’ve actually looked into supporting some other APIs before, but they only offer subsets of LJ’s functionality, which means any client that supports LJ through a generalized API is needlessly crippled. (However, the metaWeblog conception of uploading a “media object” could nicely hook into pics.livejournal.com.)

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