Citizen X (citizenx) wrote in lj_dev,
Citizen X

A question or a suggestion

An introduction seems to be in order. Well, I'm a coder, a developer, a hacker, a what-have-you, and have been for pretty much as long as I remember. While I've yet to do anything touching LJ code, I have lurked around here and some other communities for a while, making comments and suggestions when appropriate (and sometimes not, I'm sure).

As to the reason for this post, I noticed some HTML being stripped from the subject of a recent post on my journal. Would it be a problem (this has possibly been discussed and decided before; I wouldn't know) to modify so that the line reading my $subject_allow = [qw[a b i u em strong cite]]; includes s and strike as well?

If it's not a problem, this could be the humble beginning of my sporadic LJ code-touching.

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