Loki (xiombarg) wrote in lj_dev,

hello... and arrays of strings in S2

The userinfo for this community says I should introduce myself, so...

I've been on the web, hacking away at HTML code by hand, since the early days of Mosiac and lynx. I have to admit I prefer a very mimimalist, old-school aesthetic. I'm a UNIX sysadmin by trade, so I'm not shy about code, but I don't exactly do it for a living -- or web design, either. But neither am I slow on the uptake when it comes to technical things. So I figure I'm a good test case for S2 -- I'm capable of reading docs and fiddling with code, but I'm not knee-deep in this stuff, so I still get confused sometimes. In other words, I know just enough to be a danger to myself and others.

Anyhoo, I was fiddling around with S2 to get my journal to display a little random motto in the header. (Check it out if you like.)

I got it to work, but I had a question.

Right now, it works like this. I created by own version of the Generator Layout layer, called Xiombarg Generator. (I think you can see the code here, I'm not sure if I have to share it some something for y'all to see it.)

As you can see, aside from setting the colors I prefer, it does all the other tweaks I want, including the random motto. The different mottos are stored in a property -- an array of strings -- called "xiombarg_sayingz". I then set the actual saying list through a Theme layer on top of it -- I was trying to keep the layout reasonably generic, while still doing what I wanted.

So, okay, this property is well-behaved, if named in a silly way, and it even has a des field. Which means if I go to customize it (change the colors, whatever -- clicking on the "customize" button) it actually shows up as a possible override.

Except that because it's an array of strings, it show up empty -- both the default and custom version of the value. (Which is why I use a theme to set the value of it quickly...) It seems the customize page isn't set up correctly to allow me to change an array of strings.

Is there a way to fix this by fiddling with one of my layers? Or does this need to be changed at a different level? I've pawed over the S2 docs and the core layer code, but I can't find anything that affects that. Perhaps I haven't been looking hard enough.

Feel free to tell me to take a hike if I'm in the wrong place. Also, there might be a better way of doing things that I haven't thought of.

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