Jessica (jojobear99) wrote in lj_dev,

s2 comments/entry page overridable?

right now, if you click on an lj-cut link, it will take you to the entry view for that entry--in the user's default s2 entry page style (assuming of course they have one defined)

is there a way (yet) to force-override lj-cut links to either show up in my own style or in a system default style?

having an option to make the entry page "always" show up in my style if clicked on from my friends page (whether through an lj-cut or "view comments" link would be quite preferable to me and possibly many others. It seems as though (as mentioned before) adding ?s2id=1 to the end of the url will work (so I could embed that in my style yes) but it only seems to work if it is *before* and not after the ?nc=2 for the comment count, which is a problem in terms of embedding it into my style

I can think of a number of reasons you might want this...for example:

  • your friends have horrible taste in colors
  • you prefer large fonts in high contrasting colors (can anyone say accesibility?)
  • your friends can remove the links to the add comment view (I hate to pick on ruakh: here, but his journal entry page is a perfect example of not having the link to add new comments)
  • they could remove links to other things you might want like delete comment
  • they can hide the time and date and you might want to see that

so please let me know whether there are any existing ways to override how you view comments pages that I could put in my style, thanks!


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