Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

S2 Update

Jesse's got the S2 docs converted to DocBook. Now that that's done, Whitaker and I will be working on fleshing out the content.

Fixed a huge bug relating to untrusted user layers mixed with trusted layers, and their outputs interleaving in weird ways. Before, people couldn't even copy system layout layers and use them unchanged. Should work now.

Whitaker's been modifying the advanced tools a bunch.

I've been working on the EntryPage, the start of which is live already.... if your lastn URL has the explicit s2id in it, it'll work. (in the future, once all the system styles are ported and the core handles things sane, it'll be the default....)

Here, proof it works:

(well, kinda works... I guess I forgot the auto-formatting.... i'll do that tomorrow.)

In lj_core we're fleshing out the rules/regulations for an S2 design contest. Once S2's fully functional and well-documented, the contest will begin. Our goal is a week, two at most.

As always, fire away with questions. (but read the docs above also....)

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