Jack (jackola) wrote in lj_dev,

XColibur: customize -- S1 style editing

I currently have XColibur chosen as my scheme through setscheme.bml.

If I want to edit a style, the link is nowhere to be found. Yes, I do know the address to the edit style page, but this has got to be confusing for users that don't know how to get to it otherwise.

No matter where I click I cannot find a link to edit.bml. I do eventually find the link to create.bml, but that takes clicking on manage->customize->modify journal. And even then, it's located on the bottom of the page.

Perhaps someone should change /customize/ to show links to create.bml and edit.bml, or just a link to /styles/, whenever a user has S1 selected.

ps: Yes, I renamed. Formerly jackola :-)

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