TJ (tapestrybabe) wrote in lj_dev,

LJ Memory Function suggestion...

hey all...
my name is Tj... and i've come up with an idea/suggestion about to improve the memory function on lj... i use this function quite a lot... and i like it cuz your able to categorize your certain entries, under certain topics... and just the other night... i was actually thinking a way on how to actually IMPROVE in this area...

like i have a photo album category in my memory... and i think it would be cool... if there was a possible way to make SUB CATEGORIES... so i can have a photo album with sub categories of friends, family, art work... etc... so i dont have to have all my entries under one album category... but it could be sectioned off...

if its possible to be able to implement this idea... i think that would be way cool...

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