Jim Reverend (revjim) wrote in lj_dev,
Jim Reverend

New new servers

Brad and I have decided that MANY stupid servers are better than a few smart ones. Therefore, we have opted not to include RAID in the configuration of any of the new web server machines (and most likely not in the new slave database servers). The line of thought here is that redundant machines are better than redundant disks. Sure... it might cost a little more getting started... but in the long run, will be a better investment.

We are looking at Dual Processor, Intel only, 800Mhz or better, Dual NICs (preferably eepro100's), 9GB of SCSI storage space, and 1GB of memory all in a 1U case. Must be Linux and FreeBSD compatible hardware.

I am currently looking at the offerings of penguincomputing.com, valinux.com, dell.com and, just for fun, indybox.com. Support for the machine is required and all of the hardware should be included without us having to crack the case. Obviously, we want to keep our costs low, without buying cheap hardware. Using the bang/buck algorithm here.

Any suggestions? Currently, our price point looks to be from $2000-$3000, and we intend on buying two machines.

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