Will (kaoslord) wrote in lj_dev,

Google Search Appliance

There is currently no way to search your journal. SO most people hope google indexes it. There is many hacks to get different search systems to index your journal so you can search through it. How about an LJ solution? I allways see those ads for the google search appliances, Has LJ ever considered adding one to the many existing servers? Would it even work? Can LJ afford it? I keep seeing LJ buy new servers all the time and pay huge bandwidth and hosting costs, so i'm thinking its something doable, but then again theres no price listed on the google yellow boxen, which gives an "If you have to ask you cant afford it" appearance.

All I'm saying is, has LJ ever considered adding something like this to the server line up to be able to search LJ? I think that thats one of the current weaknesses in blogs, the crappy search functions. even slashdot's ,which is a huge blog, is terrible, like REALLY terrible.. and LJ's is well... nonexistent. The whole idea of a solution that "works" and doesnt require reinventing the wheel sounds pretty cool

comments? reasons why it can't be done or wouldnt work?

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