Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Plan to gently kill off cluster 0 support

Here's what I want to happen soon (tomorrow):

-- get userinfo.bml fixed (waiting on avva)

-- tag CVS as "release-20030326-cluster0" (livejournal, bml, and wcmtools)

-- create a tarball from that tag

-- create a branch from that tag, called "cluster0-branch"

-- back on HEAD, modify bin/upgrading/ to check for users on cluster 0 before alters/updates are done, and tell them to stop upgrading and go read doc/cluster0.txt. (currently we detect users on cluster 0 afterwards and tell them to stop updating from CVS because support will soon go away....)

-- add a new file: doc/cluster0.txt which tells them they can't use this code with users on cluster0 and says how to go fetch the old cluster0 tarball or how to check out that branch from CVS.

-- start removing all the unused cluster 0 tables and code. (which convolutes and bloats the code)

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