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Um... Hi.

I'm still a relative newbie to LJ, and brand spankin' new at this CVS thing (though I can manage somewhat thanks to comments on this post), but hopefully I can find a way to be of some use.

I've got no real in-depth programming experience, but I've been dabbling for about as long as I've been able to type. There's just something about being able to control a big hunk of plastic and silicon that intrigues me. I've touched BASIC, Java, C++, ASP (VBScript moreso than JScript, but both of them in some form), and PHP; however, I've never pushed any to their limits. I'm currently slowly learning Perl, partly to better understand LJ's code, and partly because it increases my ability to modify Perl programs beyond my ability to guess at what things do. :)

I also dabble in web-design - (x)html/css and such. I know, it's so terribly hard. =) I'm nowhere near the level of people like adcott, but I wouldn't have any fun if there weren't people showing me up and proving I've still got things to learn. :)

I swear I remember seeing an answer to this somewhere, but I can't find it now, so I'll ask: Are there defined channels one must go through before creating and submitting a patch, or do we just hope nobody else was working on the same thing? Obviously, one should check zilla first and file a new bug if applicable, but in the case of meta-bugs (732) and specific files (edit_do.bml) which aren't mentioned anywhere on the bug page, is there some(one|where) to check with or can we just whip up a patch and submit it?

Just out of curiosity, can anyone tell me why the Perl code in some bml _code blocks outputs a mix of bml/html code? Is there some major benefit to having the abstraction of things like <?h1 [text] h1?>? Is it for consistency with the rest of the bml page? Is it because nobody ever created an equivalent BML::doFunkyBlockThingy('h1', '[text]') function so parsing the return value of a _code block could be avoided?

Anyway, now that I've stumbled in and announced myself I'm going to bed so I can dink with code while halfway coherent. =D
bradfitz just posted - now it's going to look like I rudely bumped his entry down. Sorry Brad! ::hopes the Master of All That is LiveJournal doesn't smite him::

Update: Thank y'all for being patient with me on the rather silly BML question. :)


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