Andrew (exstatica) wrote in lj_dev,

I think i fixed the "other" journals problem...

After lots or recompiling and rebuildting.... i decided to really take alook at httpd.conf

what i found was...

UseCanonicalName on

so i reading into it i foudn that it controls the varibles and other crap.... this
also affects SERVER_NAME and SERVER_PORT in CGI scripts.

changed it to off... and i think that fixed it completly...

well so my site is back up and running... and i hope that was all that it took.. but i did strip down apache and i'm getting much better performance out of it.. and i did remove allt he ssl stuff and that might have had somethign to do with it.. but i think it was the UseCanonicalName.....

SO i hope that helps you all and good luck :)

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