Legolas (legolas) wrote in lj_dev,

problem with new '/' url's ; problems with long translations

I think I've found a problem with the new system where all url's forward to the canonical .../ url. Afiak, there is no way to use parameters on these. Specifically, I was translating the new layout, and went to . There I wanted to add the classic ?uselang=debug. However, that doesn't seem to work after a / . And is forwarded to . No joy with & instead of ? either...

Also, while looking at (which does work), I think I see the problem about the long translation strings I saw some translator mention here or on lj_translate. This might be worth checking out, because lots of strange things happen there as far as I can see. Maybe they make more sense to you than me, but suddenly hovering over the home link shows an about link in the bar (not there under normal view) and plenty of other weirdness.

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