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Manually changing the RSS or its location

Hi, I am pretty new here and I am trying to meld my personal web log with the services offered here (main reason for managing and hosting my own web log is that I use it as an actual journal so I want to have complete control over the database location, structure, and content). So far is has been fairly painless and the sweet XML-RPC services offered by the site even allowed me to use LJ's user database to authenticate people posting comments.
In short, the technological decisions made by this site seem to have been the best way I would have thought of doing it in every case (which is rare with the net getting worse every day) so I am thuroughly impressed!
Now for my question: Is there any way to manually change the content of the rss file maintaining a list of recent journal entries or, even better, change its location? Some of my friends on the site have complained that they can't read my posts in their "friends" page and they would like to. Having not looked at the source code yet, I have assumed that this is where the friend pages are updated from (although I may be completely wrong, of course).

Once I have polished this up a bit more I will release the code as a sort of "satellite community" example. The server side is written in PHP and works with a MySQL database. The client is an Objective-C OS X app which issues basic XML-RPC messages to the server for updating the content.

I hope that I don't get a response like "you are breaking the rules, please stop" but I figured that, sicne I am reducing the bandwidth needed by LJ and I am linking to them, what I am doing should be fair.

Any help on the RSS issue?

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