Jesse Proulx (jproulx) wrote in lj_dev,
Jesse Proulx

New URL Scheme

Ref: changelog

Brad just committed a patch to change the URL scheme for account views. The new scheme will (eventually) allow us to access page content in S2 without having to invoke the BML parser, and is structured like so:
  • account/yyyy -- calendar for yyyy
  • account/yyyy/mm -- month view (view/index.bml?type=month)
  • account/yyyy/mm/dd -- day view
  • account/yyyy/mm/dd/itemid -- item view (talkread.bml)
  • account/yyyy/mm/dd/itemid?mode=reply -- reply to item (talkpost.bml)

We'd like to invite anyone who can apply this on their development servers to test it out and look for bugs we might've missed. We're also looking for pages and libraries where we don't use the new scheme, so that we can bring them up to date.

For anyone concerned, we'll still support the older URL schemes for legacy reasons, but once this one is ironed out we'll be using it as the default. S1 will also make use of this scheme, but will still invoke BML as we are no longer adding pages to the S1 engine.

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