Gus Diaz (gus) wrote in lj_dev,
Gus Diaz

Help please?

Hello there. I'm new to this community, and I have a question...

I know that this question may have been asked and answered before, but since I am new here, I am totally unaware of this...

I'd like to find a way to change all my past journal entries to "friends only" for security reasons. I found out that too many unwanted people I know (without their own journals) read my journal, so I want to block em from seeing all the past stuff...

I could go through each one and change them to "friends only", I know that much, but theres a minor problem... I've got about 3200 journal entries to do this to. (I've been using this service for 2-3 years now, that might explain the number - ;)

The LiveJournal FAQ says;

"LiveJournal doesn't yet provide any means to change all of your past journal entries from Public to Friends-only or Private with one command. You must edit each post (, changing the security level on each individual entry

Many clients available for download at include the ability to edit journal entries

Seeing as I do not exactly want to download every Windows 98, 2000 or XP compatible client just to see which can do this, I humbly ask of the knowledge of this community...

Do any of you know of any particular clients that can alter past journal entries in mass ammounts?

A few of you must know quite a bit about different clients, regarding which can do what... I'm not particularly looking for anything fancy, if there is one, terrific! But a simple client that can help me save time with this potentially enourmous task would be very helpful.

Any help, feedback or opinions regarding this would be brilliant! Thanks.

Oh, and my feedback for livejournal? Terrific job guys!

The only suggestion might be to have an option to change all past entries to friends only... once the real world catches onto the fact that your personal life is all on the information super highway, and that it might be interesting to browse thru.

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